Simple yet Powerful Gold Farm for Minecraft [Fun Farms 31]

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Shared April 11, 2020

Today we have 31st Episode of Fun Farms, where we discuss how easy can be to build an efficient gold farm using turtle egg mechanics.

Gold became very important as of 1.16 since you can trade it for all sorts of important good like quartz, gravel or obsidian.

It turns out its very easy to get a maximum pigmen XP farm providing 90.000 drops/h using this very basic premise.

Farm should work in any version that supports turtles (honey can be replaced with haybales or beds), but download is in 1.16.

World Download (1.16 - 20w15a):

Recorded with Minecraft 1.16 20w15a with Carpet Mod 1.3.18

Carpet Mod with Scarpet API:

Carpet Mod for 1.12:

Minecraft IGN: gnembon

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Intros/Outros by Reye and TDL

Edvard Grieg - Holberg Suite.