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Shared August 18, 2020

Treasures in Minecraft is always fun, be it diamonds, stacks of diamonds, or MASSIVE AMOUNT OF diamonds, and netherite ingots, it's always fun. For that reason iskall resurrects iskall's treasure island, and levels it up a notch!

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Jeremy Rowell

kill mumbo with a sword called "hermit challenges"

that would make my day

8 months ago (edited) | [YT] | 885


Funny how he's making a gigantic multi-million block tree and struggling so hard to make 2 tiny palm trees

8 months ago | [YT] | 256


I didn’t know Iskall was British. “ These two unoccupied islands are now going to be mine”

8 months ago | [YT] | 653


in a couple months

So how is iskall’s treasure island doing?

Hermits: gone, reduced to atoms

8 months ago | [YT] | 179


A few suggestions:
Use gold shovels instead of wood, they have less durability. Dig faster so it is not so boring to use them. And adds to the treasure feel more.

Put a lodestone underneath the island and then put the lodestone compasses in the chest at the shopping district island. It will add to the treasure hunting feel

8 months ago | [YT] | 42

Cabillo Plays

A more proper title would be “Iskall Goes Off Shore to avoid high government tax rates”

8 months ago | [YT] | 1,553

Benjamin Hines

A Random Dolphin in the Back of Iskalls Time Lapse: * seizure noises *

8 months ago (edited) | [YT] | 91


Iskall: I’m so bad at saving diamonds

Also iskall: plans to put stacks upon stacks of diamonds on his new treasure island for people to win 😂

8 months ago | [YT] | 159


Mumbo: Hey G, are you at your nether place?

Grian: not at the moment

Mumbo: okay good :)

Me: Well, someone's up to no good. Hermit Challenges?

8 months ago (edited) | [YT] | 208

Rose_Lr2112 ji

I love how he spend like 5 mins just to make a flint and steel to burn some books 😂😂😂😂😂

8 months ago | [YT] | 31

Riptide Villager

Mumbo's gonna go 'is that burnstick?' after visiting this island...

8 months ago | [YT] | 4,624

Arturo Cofresi

FYI, a lot of little treasure islands were overgrown or had a good amount of hogs and wild chickens. Many of these places were fairly inhospitable to most fauna except for lizards, birds, chickens and pigs. Pirates and fishermen would need food that would not spoil, and one of the best things was to just leave that food alive in the wild to tend to themselves.

I think that is why little archipelagos in minecraft sport some piggies and chickens with the odd cow here and there.

On a side note many were not really islands, they were keys (as in Florida Keys). Sometimes keys would disappear due to erosion and storms. Very interesting subject overall for those that like piratey stuff.

8 months ago | [YT] | 58

Everything Is A Challenge

Iskall laughing at his own jokes is one of the best noices ever.

8 months ago | [YT] | 57

kitty Haley

iskall: "The problem is my diamond income"
Me: "The problem is you cant go five minutes without spending a diamond on something you could probably get yourself"

8 months ago (edited) | [YT] | 23


Iskall complains about his money problem...

Iskall two minutes later spends money just on a flint and steel just to burn books.

8 months ago | [YT] | 11

Daniyaal Munshi

Iskall if you need to get rid of the durability of the shovels really quickly you can turn grass into path blocks since it takes durability and is instant

like so Iskall can see

8 months ago | [YT] | 497

Just_A Normal_Potato

Me with a stone pick axe and a dirt house: “Only 13 diamond blocks?”

8 months ago | [YT] | 56

Alkiviadis Kokkinidis

The sad moment when the trador was giving a sponge for 3 emeralds....

8 months ago | [YT] | 17

Henrique Rosa

"I'm not a master builder, I can't quite build palmtrees" literally his base is a giant tree

8 months ago | [YT] | 9

Alex Lynch

Iskall: “I want to build one of those overhanging platforms”
Me, who did geography GCSE: “WaVe CuT pLaTfOrM”

8 months ago | [YT] | 44